Patterns Are Key

Rootword Method is a logical approach in learning Arabic using first principles rather than complicated memory games. Its premise: pattern recognition trumps blind memorisation.

2018 Video Clip | Level 2 Class

There are 3 foundational modules to the Rootword Method Program:

(4 Months / 16 Weeks)

(3 Months / 12 Weeks)

(2 Months / 8 Weeks)


While the chief aim of this program is to enable you to self-translate the Quran using process charts and wordlists, it would also provide you with a solid preliminary foundation of Arabic language first principles to further pursue other language goals, such as conversational or business Arabic.

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Module 2 | Saturdays
1115 am to 115 pm
May 11 to August 3
(Eid Break: June 8)

Last Updated: 10 May

1 Nurhanna
2 Aminah
3 Munirah
4 Dedi
5 Farhanah
6 Nawariah

7 Yasmeen
8 Hanif
9 Nasuha
10 Mardhiah
11 Available
12 Available

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Unravel 60%-80% of the Quran In 6 Months

The Systematic Practice To Translate the Quran By Patternizing Hi-Frequency Words and Phrases

Correction: Eack week covers 6-10 Frequency Words

This 2-Module program is an adventure exploring the most frequent words and phrases in the Quran.

The first 60 hi-frequency words enable you to cover 50% of the Quran (the minimum aim of Module 1).

In module 2, you will complete up to the 80% mark by covering hi-frequency phrases and more hi-frequency words. See images below.

Word 1 = 4% and Word 454 = 80% mark

Gone through Rootword Method Prog, or
Have learned good Arabic more than 1 yr

PRAC Module 1 - Tuesday Sessions

12 Weeks - 745pm to 945pm
16 Apr to 06 Aug 2019

PRAC Module 2 - Saturday Sessions

12 Weeks - 9am to 11am
13 Apr to 06 July 2019

PRAC Module 2 - Sunday Sessions

12 Weeks - 9am to 11am
14 Apr to 06 Aug 2019

AlQudwah Academy

(Rootword Students/Grads)
(Other Students)

Transfer to:
PayNow 87536364, or
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Fees are also payable via monthly instalments by request.

Whatsapp 81078545 to confirm your registration or apply.

Seats are limited.


What is the Rootword Method?

A structured method of foundational processes via which you are able to first understand translated sentences from the Quran, and thereafter understand how to to translate them using those processes.

How Does It Work?

By deconstructing word parts (prefix-stem-root-infix-root-suffix) and phrasal blocks (5 types), assisted by charts, canvasses and glossaries.

Why Should You Learn This?

This method was created to make Arabic great again. Away from blind memorization and toward a measured understanding of word patterns and phrasal structures, without (first) memorizing the meaning of any word. Just that pattern recognition comes first and foremost; memorization is secondary and optional. They say “a cheap man pays twice”; likewise a pattern-blind memorizer memorizes twice. Way more than twice, actually.

Tell Me More..

Rootword Method is a long game with a clear desired outcome. Most other approaches, one would need to spend years, if not decades, of memorizing, recalling and forgetting. Simply because of the relative absence in structural grounding. Even though these approaches offer preliminary progress in the first few weeks or months, this progressive enjoyment would not last beyond a few months (usually earlier) before the memory fatigue kicks in.

How Long Does It Take?

You will spend at least 9 months (a year at most) to install the rootword mindset, grinding and grounding yourself on measured word patterns and calculated phrasal blocks, but once the pieces interlock, you will never be the same person again. Your mind will be unbelievably stretched and you begin to wonder why you did not begin installing this skillset earlier.


DATES: 13 Oct - 8 Dec (except 27 Oct)
TIME: 9am - 11am, Saturdays
VENUE: AlQudwah

Month 1: Meaning-Based Translation

We'll follow 3 simple steps

1- Identify Word Type
2- Identify Word Meaning
3- Translate Sentence Intuitively

The aim for this month is to translate as many words, phrases and sentences as possible to build momentum and confidence before you proceed to pattern-based translation. For this, naturally the translations that will arise from this preliminary process will not be perfect but still correct; it will be the launchpad for the pattern translation level. Four main tools are used: Verb/Noun Canvas, List of Unrooted Words, Quran App Dictionary (Arabic Almanac - PR for iPhones, and Arabic Dictionaries for Androids)

Month 2: Pattern-Based Translation

We'll follow 3 more structured steps

1- Identifying Word Pattern (V11/N3/P4)
2- Identifying Phrase Type (V-P-A-P-N)
3- Identifying Proper Translations for each word and phrase

For this month, you do not suffice with translating word to meaning, but word to pattern to meaning. This more-structured-process may lead to the same translation results of meaning-based process, but additionally it will enable you to have a more grounded mindset whenever you put on the pattern cap when translating Arabic. Five Decoding Tools are used: Verb/Noun Canvas, Verb Table, Noun Charts, Harf Charts, App Dictionary.

What will be approximately covered week-by-week:

Week 1: Demo of Meaning-Based Speed Translation and explanation of processes

Week 2: Guided DIY Translation

Week 3: Guided DIY Translation

Week 4: Demo of Pattern-Based Translation

Week 5: Explanation of Processes

Week 6: Guided DIY Translation

Week 7: Guided DIY Translation

Week 8: Random Translation Challenge

Most of the resources we will use are what you have already received. You will be given a handout of the verses for translation (most probably the first few pages of Surah Al-Baqarah or critical verses from the Quran) and two progress tracker pages: one on process tracker, and another on content tracker on how many words you have translated based on their categories (11 verb forms, 3/17 noun types, 4 harf types).

If you are keen to join and the timing is suitable, you may register.

The fee is the regular amount you are previously charged with even though the number of students would be below 10. This is because AlQudwah kindly granted a special concession to the class rental for the next 8 weeks.

Fees: $110/mth x 2

(If you do not opt for access to online materials, fees would be $100 x 2)

As usual, you can make a transfer to an account below or pay during class.

PayNow 87536364, or
POSB Current 791-25804-9

Decoding Quranic Arabic
Module 1 of 3

    Cohort 24 - Mondays
    12 Weeks - 8 Apr to 29 July
    7:45pm - 9:45pm | Class Size: 12-16
    (Ramadan/Eid Break: 6 May to 10 June)

    Cognizant of Arabic Letters
    Confident of Left-Brain Thinking
    (to process language principles)

    Rootword Method is a logical approach in learning Arabic using first order thinking processes rather than complicated memory games. Its premise: pattern recognition trumps blind memorisation.

    While the chief aim of this program is to enable you to self-translate the Quran using process charts and word lists, it would also equip you with a solid preliminary foundation of Arabic language first principles.

    I've been learning Arabic and been trying different methods. Until I found this rootword method. I’m really impressed with the simplicity of how we can decipher an “Arabic Word” until we can get the meaning. At the time of this writing, I just finished Level 1. But I am really looking forward to the next level."
    — H, Level 1 Graduate

    What You Are Going To Learn

    Decoding Word CategoriesDecoding Word PatternsDecoding Word Forms/TypesDecoding Word MeaningsDecoding Word Cases/StatesDecoding Word SignsDecoding Word Functions


    AlQudwah Academy
    11 Pahang St S198611

    Course Fees:
    $349/pax^ [Standard Rate]
    $299/pax [Couple Rate]

    ^50% off [Refreshers]

    Mode of Payment:

    PayNow/PayLah 87536364POSB Current 791-25804-9
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    Enquiries? Whatsapp to 81078545

    "I've finally learnt a reasonably effective way to access a level of meaning from the Quran via (self)translation using the Rootword Method."
    — Shariffa, Level 2 Graduate


    Word System II

    AIM: To enable you to dissect any odd-patterned word to get its meaning on your own rather than memorizing the meaning of every word you encounter.

    This level comprises 6 units:

    0Odd TypesGeneral
    1Horizontal Scal.F1 Verbs
    2Vertical Scal.F1 Verbs
    3Noun ScalingF1 Nouns
    4Horizontal Scal.F2-10 Verbs
    5Noun ScalingF2-10 Nouns
    6Root BranchingAll

    Current Run:

    DAY: Sundays @ AlQudwah TIME: 9am - 11am | 12 WeeksDATES: May 20/27, June 3/10/24, July 1/8/15/22/29 Aug 5/12


    Sentence System

    The aim of this level is to enable you to dissect any Arabic phrase or sentence using simplified rootword method techniques in order to self- translate any verse in the Quran using process charts and rootword-based wordlists/dictionaries.

    This level comprises 6 units:

    Intro / Arabic Sentence System
    1 / Sentence Pillars (Core Clauses)
    2 / Sentence Starters (Pre-Core)
    3 / Sentence Enders (Post-Core)
    4 / Phrasal Blocks (+Noun Recipe)
    5 / Arabic Grammar in 12 Sentences
    6 / Simplified Sentence Analysis

    Current Weekly Classes:

    Saturdays@Qudwah | 9am - 11am

    Upcoming Runs:

    Mid-August 2018

    LEVEL 3 Registration (Sundays)

    Registration Period:

    August 1 to August 31

    DATES (12 Weeks):

    2 Sept 2018 to 25 Nov 2018
    (28 Oct - no class)
    9:30am - 11:30am


    AlQudwah Academy
    11 Pahang St S198611

    Program Fees: $300
    (Mthly instalments are workable)

    Mode of Payment:

    PayNow 87536364POSB Current 791-25804-9
    To confirm your payment, whatsapp to 81078545, or submit the form below. (To chope your place first and pay later, "type reserve" in the comment box and your name will be listed below)


    Noun and Phrase System
    (Tuesday Nights)


    To learn the skill of decoding any Arabic sentence.

    By unpacking the meaning of any word from its pattern, and unpacking the meaning of any phrase from noticing the precise behaviour of case endings of words (and other clear signs) in a phrase. This will be based on the Rootword Method's simplified Movement Theory of Word Endings.

    (1) Verb System Reload
    (2) Noun Types and Patterns
    (3) 5 Phrasal Structures

    8 Jan to 26 March 2019
    800pm - 1000pm (12 Weeks)
    @AlQudwah Academy

    Enrolment Period
    December 2018

    1-time payment,
    or 3 equal instalments

    Modes of Payment
    PayNow 87536364
    POSB Current 791-25804-9

    To confirm your payment (1-time or instalment), whatsapp to 81078545, or submit the form below.

    Fill up this form for any correspondence.

    LEVEL 1 RESOURCES (Verb System)

    Rootword Handbook 1
    (to be uploaded soon)

    Rootword Tables and Templates
    (to be uploaded soon)

    Videos on Some Lessons

    Word System (30 mins)
    Suspicious Letters (10 mins)
    6 Doors - Part 1 (13 mins)
    6 Doors - Part 2 (9 mins)
    Verb Scaling (13 mins)
    Verb-Subject Formations (37 mins)
    Verb Equations of All 10 Forms (37 mins)
    Verb Form Practice 1 (31 mins)
    Verb Form Practice 2 (30 mins)
    Verb Shades (30 mins)
    Verb Canvas (to be uploaded soon)



    Week 1 of 12

    Week 2 of 12 (Playlist)
    Odd Horizon Scaling F2-F4

    Week 3 of 12 (Playlist)
    Odd Horizon Scaling F8-F10

    Week 4 of 12 (Playlist)
    Types of Odd Words

    Week 5 of 12 (Playlist)
    Decoding Practice - Odd Words

    Week 6 of 12 (Playlist)
    Dependency Grammar

    Week 7 of 12 (Playlist)
    Clear Case Endings

    Week 8 of 12 (Playlist)
    Noun Types, Signs, Traits

    Week 9 of 12 (Playlist)
    Noun Relations

    Week 10 of 12 (Playlist)
    Noun Relations: Followers

    Week 11 of 12 (Playlist)
    Big4, MSQ, PForms, Shortcodes

    Week 12 of 12 (Playlist)
    Noun Functions

    Extended Week 13 (Playlist)
    Direct Influencers

    Extended Week 14 (Playlist)
    Indirect Influencers 1

    Extended Week 15 (Playlist)
    Indirect Influencers 2


    12-Sentence Grammar - Template

    12-Sentence Grammar Answer Key

    Rootword Method Creator and Facilitator

    Mohamed Redzuan Salleh has a total working experience of 10 years as a research analyst of Islamist ideology in RSIS, a madrasah curriculum reviewer in Muis, and an Arabic language curriculum developer at a language centre.

    He has religious educational experience spanning 20 years, having an MA in Interdisciplinary Islamic Studies (Jakarta), a BA in
    Islamic Law (Cairo), and a diploma in Islamic Studies (Malaysia). He was in Aljunied Islamic School (Singapore) for 5 years before getting a scholarship to study in Kuwait for 5 years in a religious high school and 3 years of university studies in Arabic language and literature.

    He has been teaching Arabic full-time since 2013 by reversing the process of language learning, by not teaching complex grammar first or even frequency words, but measurable word patterns and quantified sentence structures.

    Rootword Prac-1 2019

    Documents | Livestreams

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    Weeks 3 and 10.

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    Week 12 / 31 Mar

    Recordings for Weeks 7 and 8 may not be in sequence.

    Lesson Recordings of Prac 2

    Week 1 : Word Form & Function - Revisit
    Week 2 : Home Practice / Word Relations
    Week 3 : No recordings
    Week 4 : Noun Relations - A Recap
    Week 5 : Functions of Singular Nouns
    Week 6 : Signs of Non-Singular Nouns
    Week 7 : Table of Noun Signs
    Week 8 : Grammar = Causality
    Week 9
    Week 10
    Week 11
    Week 12


    More Details and Available Dates Soon

    A 60-Day Email Program To Conquer 50% of the Quran
    From 1 April 2019

    To get 50% of the Quran covered, how many hi-frequency words should you conquer?

    In a nutshell, 60.

    What does that really mean?

    Take for example مِنْ, the highest frequency word in the Quran. It's repeated 3226 times covering 4.16% of the Quran.

    Couple that with الله whose frequency is 2699, and you would have “completed” 7.65% of the Quran. At the 60th word, you would have 50% of the Quran covered.

    But wait, it's not as numbered as that. Other factors are at play for the percentage to be optimally realized. Take the multiple-meaning factor, for instance. مِنْ has multiple meanings; ignore them, and the percentage is compromised.

    Another factor is knowing the word-variation. A 3-letter verb can transform into 3 tenses and up to 10 forms. A noun likewise can either be proper, common, or derived (from a verb). Knowing these details greatly help in fulfilling the percentage.

    What's a measured path to that?

    Enter: The 7-Step Word Conquering Process

    Here is where the Rootword Method 7-step word conquering process comes into the picture.

    Which means, for every frequency word, you seek to conquer all its 7 dimensions without even memorizing it, since you are going to look at it from 7 sides anyway.


    Daily Emails for 60 Days: You’ll be emailed at least one page a day (usually more) to conquer one frequency word with an explanation of all its 7 elements, with examples from the Quran numbering the quantity of main meanings the word has. Welcome email will be sent on April 1. The first of the 60 words begin on 7 April (Sha'ban 1) and ends on the final day of Ramadan.


    Ebook: Once the program ends, you get everything in the form of an e-book.

    1 page a day. 60 Days. 60 Words. Aiming for 50% of the Quran. Wait no more. Pre-order now.

    Disclaimer: Your mileage will vary depending on what you already know. Fifty to Sixty is an email-based program. For app-based programs, you may explore Quranic, Baqarah, or Memrise Quranic Arabic (web-based).



    (Email Subscribers)

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    IntroWord CategoriesWord Chart
    OneVerb FormsVerb Matrix
    TwoVerb DoorsVerb Matrix
    ThreeVerb StemsVerb Matrix
    FourPronounsRoot Theory
    FiveTense FormsEquations
    SixOdd StemsExamples
    SevenShortcodingThe 7 Step
    EightOdd VerbsWeaky Chart
    NineWeaky FormsHDTV Formula
    TenOdd PatternsWorksheets
    ElevenOdd TypesShort Cuts